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Cloudera Enables Trusted, Secure and Responsible Artificial Intelligence at Scale

Artificial Intelligence

More than 25 million Terabytes of Data Trusted by Businesses to Cloudera

Trusted AI is built on trusted data.

Rob Bearden, the CEO of hybrid data startup Cloudera, laid forth a strategy for businesses to profit from safe, dependable, and ethical AI at scale. Customers may employ generative AI based on their own data and their organisational context with security and governance thanks to a new ready-to-use Large Language Model (LLM) framework. The Six Five Summit, an analyst gathering that takes place from June 6–8, 2023, is where the announcement was made.

Customers can manage and extract value from their data across private and public cloud settings with the help of Cloudera. To support business intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) applications, Cloudera’s open data lakehouse combines the capabilities of a data warehouse and a data lake. Businesses can simultaneously deploy these solutions with the same user experience on their preferred private or public cloud.

“Cloudera has developed a best in class hybrid open data lakehouse solution”, “Managing 25 million terabytes of data for customers is on par with the hyperscalers. This places Cloudera in a unique position to help companies unlock value from their data, no matter where it resides. At the same time, the data is AI ready for enterprises to benefit from current and future developments in AI.”

Daniel Newman, CEO and Chief Analyst, The Futurum Group

“This immense data under management places Cloudera in an unparalleled position to drive generative AI-based applications based on Open Data Lakehouse in an enterprise context,” added Rob Bearden. “Generative AI and Large Language Models are only as good as the data they’ve been trained on, and they need the right context. For these models and AI to be successful, it needs to be trusted. And trusting AI starts with trusting your data.”

Rob Bearden, CEO, Cloudera

In total, 25 million gigabytes of data are handled by Cloudera solutions thanks to the trust that nine out of ten of the biggest worldwide enterprises across a range of industries place in the company.

LLM Democratises AI by Using Enterprise Data

Cloudera’s LLM Chatbot Augmented with Enterprise Data offers businesses a template for generative AI built on large language models, enabling them to further unlock value from their data and succeed with enterprise AI in a safe, secure, and responsible manner. While publicly accessible AI services are appealing to businesses, these interactive experiences must be built on their own proprietary data in the appropriate context without sharing that data with outside services. With the Cloudera offering, businesses can empower all of their developers and lines of business—not just data scientists and ML teams—and truly democratise AI by creating their own AI applications that are powered by an open source LLM of their choice and hosted internally in the enterprise.

OCBC Bank, the second-largest financial services company in Southeast Asia, has received help from Cloudera to integrate AI at scale across the business and increase both operational effectiveness and customer innovation. OCBC Bank was able to boost its revenue as a result of contextual data analysis performed in real-time on client conversations involving sales, service, and other topics.

Cloudera Keeps Investing in Innovation to Promote Adoption of AI

“The AI market is changing rapidly. The reality is that data and enterprise context will be the constant to success of any LLM or AI models”, “Cloudera has been helping enterprises gain value from AI and ML for years. We will continue to innovate and invest heavily in our entire product suite so that customers can benefit from trusted, secure and responsible AI-based applications.”

Rob Bearden, CEO, Cloudera

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