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Contentsquare Releases Powerful New Products, Strengthening its AI-Powered Platform


Its one-stop analytics platform has been updated with new features like Benchmarks and Retail Media, more potent Mobile App Analytics, and accessibility improvements.

As part of the Contentsquare platform Summer ’23 update, Contentsquare, the world leader in digital experience analytics, revealed new products and extended features. The UK version of Contentsquare’s signature event, CX Circle London, is where its most recent advancements were revealed. Contentsquare’s AI-powered platform is made to assist businesses provide better experiences across web and app channels because one in three online experiences still annoy users.

Advanced Mobile App Analytics by Contentsquare

By adding thorough experience monitoring and cross-platform support for mobile apps built using popular frameworks like Native iOS and Android, Flutter, and React Native, Contentsquare has improved its advanced mobile analytics. The CS Apps platform was created to dramatically enhance the customer in-app experience. It immediately identifies opportunities to enhance user journeys, boost usage, and optimise performance. With mobile accounting for two-thirds of traffic and deeper journeys being associated with better results, the ability to spot defects, diagnose API or crash difficulties, and fix problems in real time is essential for increasing engagement and lowering uninstall rates.

“Contentsquare is integrated into our app development process, and we use it at every stage — from discovery to ideation to post-implementation”, “After we release a new feature, we also look into how that feature is doing, how it’s being used and if there’s any usability issues that we should address.”

Renan Medeiros, Product Owner, Sykes Holiday Cottages

Benchmarks and Experience Metrics Comparison Against Industry Peers

With Benchmarks, marketers may examine conversion rates, load times, average cart sizes, or views per session to compare their user experiences to those of their direct competitors. Brands may get trustworthy insights on where they are over- or under-performing using competitor data that is current and anonymized. This allows them to set goals for being the top in their respective categories.

“What I love about Benchmarks is that it gives us an immediate sense for where we stand versus similar businesses. It helps us prioritize our team’s investments to then socialize decisions across the organization. It’s an extra layer of market intelligence that data uniquely provides.”

Edouard Madec, Director of e-Commerce, Clarins USA

“Businesses today are struggling to understand their online customers. Conversion rates of 2% on mobile and 3% on desktop — versus 30% in store — are a perfect example of the gap between what users expect and what businesses are delivering”, ”CS Apps and Benchmarks help close this gap, and give brands the insights they need to optimize and personalize every experience to drive growth and – once and for all – eliminate the costly errors that impact conversion.”

Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer, Contentsquare

Shopper Insights Shared Directly from Retailers to Brands by CS Retail Media

The introduction of CS Retail Media, new product and promotion performance analytics, which enables retailers and product brands to exchange real-time experience data, is part of Contentsquare’s Summer ’23 Release. These analytics give brands a level of market visibility that has historically been unattainable or cumbersome. With this additional layer of information, brands can better understand how their products work and coordinate their use of retail media to increase sales.

“Manufacturers are starved for insights into wholesale customer journeys, and so we’re delighted to now offer these insights to the brands we work with. With CS Retail Media, brands are now able to optimize their product listings, pages, and promotions, and together we are improving the experience for Bestway shoppers.”

Kenton Burchell, Group Trading Director, Bestway Wholesale

“Even through the economic downturn, customer experience has remained a top business priority for enterprise executives”,  “Better insights into the complete digital customer journey allows companies to deliver more empathetic experiences that drive customer trust and loyalty.”

David Wallace, Research Director, Customer Data and Analytics, IDC

Dara, Contentsquare’s new human-first design framework, is also being released with extensive feedback from accessibility specialists. Since there are more than 1 billion individuals living with a handicap worldwide, many of whom may have impairments that limit their ability to interact with digital content, Contentsquare is dedicated to helping lower barriers to internet access, beginning with its own platform.

In order to create and add new products and capabilities utilising generative AI to the company’s innovation pipeline, Contentsquare established a dedicated taskforce this spring as part of its commitment to provide better insights, quicker.

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