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D2iQ Unveils New DKP Integrated AI Chatbot to Give Enterprises the Power to Overcome the Kubernetes Skills Gap


With the release of DKP AI Navigator, a natural-language AI helper that makes Kubernetes management easier and empowers DevOps teams to more easily solve the most challenging challenges, D2iQ ushers in a new era in cloud-native computing.

The skills gap is one of the main obstacles enterprise organizations have when adopting cloud-native technologies, and D2iQ, the leading Kubernetes management platform supplier, has developed DKP AI Navigator.

DKP AI Navigator gives businesses access to the more than ten years of knowledge and know-how of the D2iQ team in managing substantial container-based deployments through an intuitive user interface.

“As the cloud, AI, and Kubernetes continue to converge, building an intelligent infrastructure is the critical foundation for organizations looking to adopt and leverage AI to power automation, decision-making, and product innovation”, “DKP AI Navigator gives organizations unprecedented knowledge and insights that will enable them to more easily manage cloud-native Kubernetes environments and achieve the agility they seek in their modernization initiatives.”

Tobi Knaup, CEO, D2iQ

Expert Knowledge Base Is the Key Differentiator

Numerous studies have shown that the skills gap is the largest obstacle to Kubernetes adoption for businesses. DKP AI Navigator aids enterprises in resolving this issue by integrating the collective wisdom of the top Kubernetes specialists into the environments of D2iQ customers.

The fact that DKP AI Navigator was trained using D2iQ’s internal knowledge-base, which contains solutions to the most challenging issues clients have faced in production, is of crucial importance. DKP AI Navigator, for instance, can benefit DevOps teams by

  • Reconstruct faulty clusters
  • Repair upgrade issues
  • Find and fix YAML coding mistakes
  • Track down and fix system issues

As a result, D2iQ customers can manage their Kubernetes fleets through a single point of access using an intuitive natural language interface that is fully integrated into the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). DKP AI Navigator is a particularly skilled teacher for those new to cloud-native technologies because it has also been educated on DKP product literature.

Deep Experience with Kubernetes

For more than ten years, D2iQ has supported contemporary container-based applications and has spent the majority of that time focusing on Kubernetes. D2iQ’s award-winning support team responds to enquiries with a satisfaction rate of more than 99%, and the answers to tricky issues are continuously updated to our knowledge base (anonymized, of course).

D2iQ is able to give consumers access to the power of that more than ten years of experience by training DKP AI Navigator on this extraordinarily rich data collection. Additionally, the D2iQ support staff is still a readily available source. The combination of DKP AI Navigator and 24/7 on-call support knowledge is a priceless asset unmatched in the sector.

The release of DKP 2.6 in August will include DKP AI Navigator.

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