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Dell Technologies Strengthens Cyber Resiliency with Multicloud Data Protection and Security Innovations

Data Protection
Dell Technologies Strengthens Cyber Resiliency with Multicloud Data Protection and Security Innovations

To assist clients in protecting their data on-site, in public clouds, and at the edge, Dell Technologies is extending its leadership position in the industry for data protection appliances and software.

Leading a series of developments for multicloud data security that are easy to use and consume is the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance. The development of Zero Trust architectures is accelerated by Dell innovation in AI-powered resilience and operational security, protecting enterprises from the growing threat of cyberattacks.

The new technologies aid in addressing enterprises’ growing data protection challenges. The 2022 Dell Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) poll found that businesses have faced more natural and man-made disasters than in years past, which has led to more data loss, downtime, and recovery expenses. Cyberattacks made up 48% of all disasters in the previous year (up from 37% in 2021), outpacing all other types of data interruption. The survey also found that 85% of businesses with multiple data protection vendors see advantages in cutting back on the number of suppliers. Additionally, it was discovered that companies using a single data protection vendor spent 34% less money recovering from cyberattacks or other cyber incidents than those using multiple vendors.

“With virtually everything connected to the internet in today’s digital world, the need to protect valuable data is more important than ever”, “This digital landscape requires a modern data protection and security strategy to address cyber threats. Point solutions don’t go deep or wide enough to help protect organizations. Dell helps customers strengthen cyber resiliency by offering integrated data protection software, systems and services to help ensure data and applications are protected and resilient wherever they live.”

Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies

According to the GDPI survey, 91% of businesses are either aware of or planning to implement a zero trust architecture, a cybersecurity model that changes how businesses approach security by moving away from a reactive approach that only allows known, authorised traffic across system boundaries and data pipelines. However, just 23% and 12%, respectively, are completely implementing a Zero Trust approach. Dell’s comprehensive approach helps organisations achieve Zero Trust architectures to strengthen cyber resiliency and aid in reducing security complexity. These architectures have embedded security features built into the hardware, firmware, and security control points.

The most direct route to contemporary data protection

To assist businesses streamline their IT infrastructure and lower risk, Dell keeps developing its data protection software, Dell PowerProtect Data Manager. The software PowerProtect Data Manager supports Zero Trust principles and responds to the growing demand for cyber resiliency with new built-in operational security features like multifactor authentication, dual authorization, and role-based access controls.

Modern data protection can be adopted easily with the help of the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance. The first system scales from 12 to 96 terabytes of data, making it perfect for small and medium-sized use cases.

The product provides clients with:

Modern, software-defined architecture: Enables automatic asset discovery and protection, provides special VMware protection with Transparent Snapshots to ensure that all VMs are available without causing any disturbance to business, and more.

Secure, cyber-resilient solution: Strengthens cyber resilience by enabling more secure access to restricted functions with Identity and Access Management.

Delivers software-defined data protection, making it simple to deploy and use. Simple, unified user experience

“Dell PowerProtect Data Manager simplifies our backup environment, giving us the business agility needed to protect our data as we digitally transform”, “With the new PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance, we can more simply deploy Data Manager across our infrastructure, helping us be more efficient and strengthening our cyber resiliency.”

James McNair, vice president, distributed systems manager, Trustmark Bank

Dell expands cyber recovery for quick, simple public cloud vault deployment

Customers can establish a separate cyber vault in Google Cloud using PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Google Cloud to more securely segregate and defend data from a cyberattack. Access to management interfaces is restricted by networking controls, which can call for additional security credentials and multi-factor authentication. This is in contrast to standard cloud-based backup solutions.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery can be purchased directly from Dell and its channel partners, or through the Google Cloud Marketplace using an organization’s current Google Cloud subscription.

Following the launch of Dell PowerProtect for Microsoft Azure and CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS earlier this year, the new product represents the most recent development of Dell’s cyber recovery capabilities for public clouds.

Dell APEX offers various consumption options that streamline backup storage.

In order to provide more secure backup storage in a pay-per-use, flexible consumption model, Dell APEX Data Storage Services is expanding to include a Backup Target option. Customers can quickly use the Backup Target service, which simplifies the acquisition, deployment, and upkeep of backup storage. The Backup Target expands on Dell’s market-leading position in data protection hardware and software by assisting customers in reducing their storage requirements and perhaps improving data availability.

In order to address the issues associated with data security, the new Dell APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target product will support the growing reliance on as-a-Service offerings. Nearly all GDPI respondents (99%) cited at least one as-a-Service offering as a top priority for assisting their firm in overcoming issues. The top three as-a-Service priorities were Storage as a Service (44%), Cyber Recovery as a Service (41%), and Backup as a Service (40%).

Dell adds a new Cyber Recovery Guarantee to its Future-Proof Program.

Because data is more precious than ever and cyber dangers are on the rise, Dell plans to roll out a new Cyber Recovery Guarantee2 in January to give customers peace of mind that their data will be recoverable in the event of a cyberattack. In the event that restoring data using Dell technologies is not possible, Dell will give customers up to $10 million in reimbursement for qualified fees to help with the recovery of data from ransomware and other cyber disasters.

The guarantee is made to give customers more peace of mind and assurance when selecting Dell Data Protection Solutions, whether for data that is being used in production or, more securely, being stored in a cyber vault. The Dell Technologies Future-Proof Program, which also includes a Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee, is expanded by this new cyber recovery guarantee.

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