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Eagle Takes Flight: Datametica Launches Comprehensive Assessment Tool on Google Cloud Marketplace

Google Cloud

Eagle, a SaaS-based product from Datametica, a top provider of data warehouse modernisation and migration solutions, was recently introduced on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Eagle is a complete solution for evaluating historical data warehouse environments, including Teradata, Netezza, Hadoop, Oracle, and more, as well as the supporting BI and ETL technologies, and it aids in developing a granular data warehouse modernization and migration strategy. To properly comprehend the complex and hidden dependencies and lineages found in data warehouses, automation is required. But having that knowledge is essential to ensuring a seamless migration and upgrading to the Cloud.

Eagle’s capacity to unearth hidden complexities, establish data lineage, manage dependencies, and build a migration plan complete with budget and timetable estimates reduces risk and offers a clear and thorough picture of the cloud migration pathway.

Eagle also develops a plan that prioritises migration sequences and offers a clear knowledge of the journey to GCP by analysing workloads, hence lowering the risk of running over budget and overrunning timescales for migration.

Customers may rapidly and effectively use software products through Google Cloud Marketplace. Customers of Google Cloud, such as those moving to Google BigQuery, can take advantage of Datametica’s SaaS-based Eagle, Raven, and Pelican technologies for a faster and safer cloud migration experience.

The Google Cloud Marketplace offers the following Eagle technologies:

  • Eagle – Standard version
  • Eagle – Premium version
  • Eagle Step-up license
  • Eagle – Repeat license
  • Eagle UI Access license

“At Datametica, we believe in making data migration easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes. Our SaaS-based Eagle technology is a game-changer in data warehouse and ETL modernization, providing comprehensive assessments, clear migration plans, and streamlined transitions. I am proud to announce that Eagle is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, offering even more opportunities for businesses to embrace the power of Google cloud technologies.”

Dr. Phil Shelley, Co-Founder and President, Datametica

“Streamlined cloud migration processes are essential amid digital transformation”, “With Datametica’s Eagle technology now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can benefit from a clear route to Google Cloud, eliminating the common challenges organizations face when transitioning to the cloud.”

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace at Google Cloud

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