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Napier Launches Napier Continuum, Advanced Financial Crime Risk Management Platform

Financial Crime Risk Management Platform

In order to help regulated enterprises of all maturity levels increase the effectiveness and accuracy of their financial crime compliance programmes, Napier, a top provider of anti-money laundering and compliance technology, today introduced a new sophisticated financial crime risk management platform.

With its highly scalable and adaptable platform, Napier Continuum, is revolutionising financial crime risk management (FCRM) technology. The first end-to-end AI-enhanced platform designed specifically for contemporary financial markets, Napier Continuum, will optimise current risk operations while smoothly scaling as firms handle new, unanticipated future risks.

A sandbox environment and low-code/no-code regulations provided by the platform’s extensive usage of advanced artificial intelligence and automation aid businesses in taking quicker decisions and improving the accuracy of their investigations in order to manage emerging risks and regulatory requirements.

Napier Continuum, which is based on next-generation technology, offers a dynamic and comprehensive view of financial crime risk while enhancing operational effectiveness and lowering total cost of ownership. For full STP operation, Continuum supports access to the entire Napier financial crime compliance product line, including the permanent customer risk assessment (p)CRA, transaction monitoring, screening, and risk assessment tools, as well as access to third-party and proprietary applications like AML, KYC, Fraud, and CRM systems.

Will Monk, Director of Product at Napier, has 20 years of experience at NatWest, HSBC and Barclays that has helped shape the platform.

“By understanding the key challenges financial institutions have in streamlining financial crime compliance operations, we have invested in a unified AI-enhanced solution with superior levels of automation to help detect suspicious behavior more effectively and support clients across the board. Compliance risks are monitored throughout the lifecycle.”

Will Monk, Director of Product at Napier

The versatility of Napier Continuum is unmatched in the sector. Instead of “ripping and replacing” existing solutions, customers can choose to install Napier Continuum as an end-to-end platform, a point solution, or an aggregation layer to support existing systems. Napier Continuum can also be set up on-premise, according to the needs of the customer, or in any cloud environment as a fully managed SaaS.

With the help of its Dynamic Risk Assessment Suite (p)CRA, which automates and continually assesses all risk aspects throughout a customer’s lifespan, Napier Continuum also provides new, improved continuous risk assessment capabilities.

“Criminals are constantly adapting their approach to technological innovation, but financial crime risk management solutions have been slow to keep up. That’s why we couldn’t be more proud to launch Napier Continuum. With ( With capabilities such as p)CRA and a high degree of automation, the platform is an excellent set of solutions that businesses can tailor to their business and regulatory requirements to block evolving financial crime threats.”

Greg Watson, CEO of Napier

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