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Google Cloud Partner Synthesized Drives Data Transformations Through Generative AI

Generative AI

Google Cloud Partner Synthesized Drives Data Transformations Through Generative AI

The leaders in generative modeling for structured data, Synthesized Inc., have announced that their products are now available to enterprise customers on Google Cloud.

Data is becoming an enterprise’s competitive advantage as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning become commodities. Accessing high-quality data is costly, time-consuming, and occasionally impossible. Data can be imbalanced, low in density, or of poor quality once it has been gathered. Synthesized gives you instant access to high-quality data for use in BI/Analytics, machine learning, application development, and testing workflows while maintaining compliance with AI-driven data transformations.

On Google Marketplace, the Synthesized Scientific Data Kit (SDK) is now accessible.

The SDK enables you to right-size your data through AI-driven data production and build statistically-preserving data snapshots that are compatible for BI/Analytics and ML/AI applications.

The SDK allows you to:
  • ML/AI model performance can increase by up to 15% when data rebalancing, data imputation, and high-quality synthetic data generation are used. In terms of conversion, fraud, revenue recovery, and other areas, the SDK aids in boosting revenue.
  • Quickly extract data insights for BI/Analytics by enabling quick data access and reducing data acquisition costs. speed to market and developer output should be increased.
  • Consolidate complicated data privacy rules into practical data transformations to ensure data privacy and compliance. When employing sensitive data in cloud efforts, make sure compliance. Move your data pipelines and workflows to the cloud more quickly.

“We have the expertise and know-how to enable companies to confidently add sensitive data and applications to the cloud faster, as well as facilitate the sharing of statistically preserving copies for BI/Analytics and machine learning in the cloud.”Google Cloud Partner Synthesized Drives Data Transformations Through 

Dr. Nicolai Baldin, Founder and CEO, Synthesized

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