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IntelePeer Integrates ChatGPT into its SmartAgent Solution


Along with its analytics and suite of market-leading conversational AI products, SmartAgent will use generative AI technologies to help contact centres provide unmatched customer experiences, increase efficiency, and cut costs.

In addition to its suite of built-in, best-in-class solutions, like IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and AWS Lex, IntelePeer, a leading provider of Communications Automation Platforms, today announced that SmartAgent, its digital solution for contact centres, will now leverage ChatGPT and eventually other generative AI technologies to help businesses improve their customer experience while introducing greater efficiencies and cost-effectiveness to their contact centre operations. High customer expectations are now challenging contact centres as they continue to be plagued by excessive wait times, variable service quality, and high personnel turnover rates. IntelePeer will enable businesses to lower the cost of labour for contact centres through hyper-automation while letting agents to concentrate on higher value, revenue-generating customer care duties by incorporating ChatGPT into its SmartAgent service.

“The infusion of ChatGPT into the contact center environment is truly a watershed moment for the industry, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting new approach”, “Our SmartAgent offering, with its simplified pricing and advanced feature sets, including AI, analytics and omnichannel orchestration, will become even more powerful with the addition of generative AI tools like ChatGPT. Moreover, our implementation of this technology into our customer service solutions is a critical element of IntelePeer’s larger transition to a communications automation provider.”

Frank Fawzi, CEO, IntelePeer

The SmartAgent solution from IntelePeer assists companies in modernising their contact centres by enabling them to efficiently boost automation, manage peaks in call volume, stay in compliance, and reduce average handle time. SmartAgent has distinctive qualities such as, but not restricted to:

  • Vocal Autonomy
  • Automated Messaging and SMS
  • Analytics: with current, usable data
  • A conversational AI system for advanced automation
  • Integrations with other enterprise applications

Businesses can also record all call and message conversations using SmartAgent’s conversational AI, generating deeper business insights and identifying the causes of client questions. As long as customer data privacy and security are upheld, organisations will be able to provide ChatGPT with the ideal training environments by transcription. This will enable it to analyse previous conversations, spot recurring problems, and suggest ways to improve conversational AI’s responses.

Likewise, by automating common client inquiries, SmartAgent enhances the job of the human agent. The customer will be seamlessly connected to a human expert at the contact centre or elsewhere in the enterprise whenever a request enters the contact centre that is outside the AI’s capabilities.

“Today, IntelePeer continues to expand its solutions as an innovative leader in the Communications Automation Platform (CAP) market and as a trusted advisor in all things automation for contact centers and enterprise customers. With our extensive in-house expertise, we enable thousands of customers to successfully build, deploy, and support a variety of omnichannel solutions, powered by our SmartAgent and innovative AI tools like ChatGPT.”

Frank Fawzi, CEO, IntelePeer

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