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Lytics Partners with Google Cloud on New Generative AI Capabilities

Google Cloud

Enterprise customers get access to Lytics’ data management, enrichment, and discovery capabilities, powered by Google Vertex AI, in order to quickly access and use 1st-party data.

Lytics, a next-generation customer data platform (CDP), and Google Cloud today announced a strengthening of their strategic partnership. These new CDP capabilities, powered by Google Vertex AI, include Lytics Audience Generator, Lytics Customer Profile Contextual Chatbot, and Lytics Schema Copilot.

Lytics’ new generative AI capabilities built on Google Cloud will help businesses like Whirlpool accelerate time to market, boost customer loyalty, and cut operational costs. These capabilities range from easily identifying and activating highly engaged audiences from within BigQuery instances to onboarding new data sources to personalising customer interactions at a massive scale.

“As the pioneer in AI, Google Cloud sets the standard for excellence, and investing in Google Vertex AI represents a shrewd business decision, given its unmatched ability to help us deliver cutting-edge capabilities to our customers. In comparison to its competitors, Vertex AI boasts greater reliability, a significantly stronger security and privacy posture for data and models and very importantly Vertex uniquely offers an end to end platform. This translates to a superior output for code generation and, ultimately, more seamless and effective product experiences for our customers. The team’s innovative spirit is inspiring and has allowed us to introduce unprecedented features, enabling improved data accessibility for our customers, all powered by AI as part of Google’s Built with Google AI program.”

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics

“Generative AI has significant potential to enable growth and productivity in our journey to create Real-Time Integrated Business operations and superior consumer experiences. Leveraging this potential, we are accelerating speed to unleash value with data, make it easier for our users to leverage technology with new user interfaces and serve our consumers with better products, services, and content.”

Murat Genc, Global, Data, Technology & Transformation Officer, Whirlpool

“Lytics’ new generative AI solutions will help further streamline and make more accessible many of the tools and processes businesses use across every sector”, “By deepening our partnership with Lytics, a true leader in user-centric experiences built with generative AI and first-party data, we look forward to helping industries digitally transform their customer experiences.”

Kevin Ichhpurani, Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels, Google Cloud

Lytics has introduced three industry firsts within their CDP, all powered by Google Vertex AI:

Lytics Audience Generator:

On an ad hoc and exploratory basis, every business should be able to query its own data to learn more about its clients. This exercise might leave business stakeholders with both unasked and unresolved questions because it is often only performed by analysts and technical stakeholders. Large language models (LLMs) are used by Lytics Audience Generator to give business users with an interface for directly querying their warehouse data in order to find, investigate, and activate consumer segmentation for improved targeting and personalisation. Initial testing indicates that by giving business users more access to segmentation workflow, the requirement for and dependence on SQL skills and analyst are reduced by more than 5 times.

Customer Profile for Lytics Contextual Chatbot:

Expands on standard chatbot interactions by utilising the comprehensive customer information contained in your Lytics client profiles. The contextual chatbot has more than 200 features per profile. With the help of Vertex AI, this feature is able to better comprehend each client’s specific preferences and can deliver customised responses in real-time, leading to discussions that are more engaging and meaningful. By providing personalised, context-driven experiences at scale, businesses may increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and growth.

Lytics Schema Copilot:

When combining data to create detailed client profiles, let AI handle the work with Lytics Schema Copilot. Identity resolution policies, data transformations, and schema metadata definition are all possible with Schema Copilot. Schema Copilot can help your team create more accurate profiles by utilising LLMs driven by Vertex AI. AI-enabled schema automation can also help you move more quickly and cut down on project overhead.

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