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Mural Unveils AI-Powered Capabilities for Enterprise Collaboration at Microsoft Build


Mural, a market leader in visual collaboration, today revealed new AI-powered features aimed at improving enterprise team communication. The improved brainstorming and problem-solving capabilities of Mural, enabled by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, enable teams to quickly synthesise ideas and achieve agreements. Teams can spend more time analysing data and advancing the work that counts using AI-generated idea grouping, AI-powered mind maps, and optimised actions to finish routine activities and produce content. Enterprises can utilise Mural’s comprehensive features and the scalability and usability of Azure OpenAI to unleash the full power of their teams and produce extraordinary results in a safe and secure manner. On May 23, 2023, Mural will present a demonstration of the new features at the Microsoft Build convention in Seattle, Washington.

“At Mural, we give teams the tools to work smarter and collaborate better”, “We’re excited to be releasing new features that will help teams work together more effectively, no matter when or where they work. Our new AI-powered features powered by Microsoft help teams save time while also boosting their potential for solving problems.”

David Baga, CEO, Mural

Microsoft Azure powers Mural, allowing the business to scale and run on a secure cloud designed to satisfy the needs of large corporations. Mural will be able to safely and securely use Microsoft’s capabilities and framework for responsible AI thanks to the new AI-powered capabilities that will be built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI.

Mural became the first programme in the visual collaboration category to receive the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award and Microsoft 365 Certification in 2022 for its integration with Microsoft Teams. The Microsoft ecosystem is now integrated with Mural to create linked collaboration experiences that reduce context switching, enhance processes, and save teams hundreds of hours each week. Most recently, Microsoft 365 and Outlook were added to Mural’s interface with Microsoft Teams. Through these interfaces, Microsoft users can search for, share, and work together in real time on murals from Outlook or the M365 platform. OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word are a few other connections in addition to Azure DevOps.

Mural’s AI-powered features will help members get going quickly and overcome the blank page by generating ideas, identifying recurring themes, and assisting with concept expansion. The following particular AI-powered features will be made available in the private beta:

Mind maps: Starting with a basic concept, users can utilise AI to generate other concepts based on the input provided initially. This makes it possible for collaborative teams to come up with and develop ideas more quickly and successfully than before.

Clustering – This feature will enable teams to effectively synthesise ideas and move forward with more accurate recommendations, insights, and consensus. It does this by leveraging AI to find patterns and similarities between ideas and automatically grouping related objects into named groups.

Actions – By utilising AI capabilities, users can save time by automating routine meeting leader activities like beginning timers, voting sessions, and creating brainstorming material in a mural.

The new features are intended to be private and safe for the teams using them because they are an enterprise-ready solution. Along with these new features, Mural recently unveiled a revamped user interface that has been painstakingly designed with a contemporary appearance to make it easy for teams to start using it straight away.

“Conceptually, our priority was to inject a visual element to the AI technology that has been shaking up the workplace”, “With this in mind, our AI capabilities are designed to leverage the uniquely human capabilities of creative problem-solving and collaborative teamwork all in one place with the benefits of AI. By freeing users from various laborious tasks and making the results collaborative and visual, the ability to invest in higher-order thinking becomes a path to formerly untapped productivity and ingenuity.”

Matt Heying, Head of product, Mural

In a session titled Slow Starts to Stellar Results: How AI Can Improve Team Collaboration at Microsoft Build, the company will go into greater detail about the new AI-powered capabilities. The presentation will take place live on May 24 from 11:30–11:45 a.m. PT and virtually on May 23 from 5:15–5:30 p.m. PT. After the May 23 live demo/session, participants can sign up for a private beta* waitlist to test these features and offer feedback to Mural’s product and engineering teams. Later this year, Mural intends to make an announcement about new capabilities.

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