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Namogoo Announces New Integration With Google Cloud to Shed New Light on the Customer Journey

Google Cloud

The first Digital Journey Continuity platform in the world, Namogoo, has merged with Google Cloud to extend the customer journey in ways that digital executives, marketing teams, and data teams are now unable to do.

A fresh generation of data points and segments offered by Namogoo are unmatched in the market and independent of cookies and visitor history. Website owners and digital teams will be able to more easily integrate data, analyze it in BigQuery, and produce real-time insights and predictions thanks to Namogoo’s SaaS platform’s integration with Google Cloud services, including BigQuery, Looker, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub. Namogoo will now offer its SaaS platform on Google Cloud’s trusted infrastructure. This expands on Namogoo’s current Google Analytics and Google Ads connections.

With the use of Namogoo’s technology, organizations may better understand the effects that various factors have on the total customer journey. This data is typically used on mobile devices, consumer behaviors, commerce behavior, and the environment. Namogoo’s distinctive, commerce-oriented data points and segments, from estimated lifetime value to probability of abandonment, as well as connection speed and device efficiency, aid in providing a clearer image of the consumer. Teams may gain a deeper understanding of their online visitors by fusing these insights with Contentsquare’s comprehensive perspective of the digital customer experience, which enables wiser optimization and more effective customization.

Understanding how high-value customers behave and what they anticipate from the online experience is essential to enhancing customer satisfaction, fostering greater digital trust, and accelerating digital revenue growth. Today, customer experience is the key competitive differentiator for businesses.

By discovering gold populations that convert higher – in real-time – Namogoo’s interface with Google Cloud assists businesses in allocating advertising expenditures more efficiently and considerably increases their return on ad spend. Additionally, it highlights populations that do not convert and problem locations.

Because Google Cloud’s products and architecture can manage massive volumes of data and allow for real-time response, Namogoo sees a natural fit with it.

The 1.5 billion unique monthly visitors of top businesses like M&S, Argos, Asics, Carhartt, 1-800-contacts, Eddie Bauer, Dollar Shave Club, and many others power Namogoo’s technology, which can be used in a variety of sectors like retail, commerce, CPG, travel, marketplaces, and fintech.

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