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Newest Genesys Generative AI Capabilities Boost Power of Experience Orchestration


Genesys Cloud CX assists staff in enhancing quality, speed, and accuracy using massive language models to improve post-customer contact results.

Genesys today unveiled extended generative AI capabilities for experience orchestration, assisting businesses in gaining deeper operational and consumer insights by using the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) as a human resource multiplier. The Genesys Cloud CXTM platform helps organisations drive better quality, speed, and accuracy by enabling staff to effectively capture conversational intelligence from digital and voice engagements. It now includes auto-summarization for Agent Assist.

The platform’s most recent generative AI addition broadens and enhances Genesys AI’s robust analytics, conversational language processing, and predictive capabilities. Through smarter automation, personalisation, and optimisation, this gives businesses a solid basis on which to consistently enhance the experiences of their customers and employees.

“We’ve long used large language models within Genesys AI to help organizations proactively orchestrate experiences that lead to stronger customer and employee outcomes”, “Through responsible development that responds to our customers’ needs, we’re accelerating our pace of innovation with the latest generations of generative AI to help organizations gain greater value from their data, rapidly create new content and break language barriers. We’re also considering the roles and expertise we may need to fuel our R&D strategy for the future, like prompt engineering and curation.”

Olivier Jouve, Chief product officer, Genesys

Organisations may leverage capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify sentiment, intent, empathy, and effort across all interactions thanks to the Genesys AI platform for customer and employee experience. Earlier this year, open AI technologies like ChatGPT, which are frequently trained on unreliable public data sources, pushed the public’s interest towards the possibilities of generative AI. Genesys uses selected, reliable data from a variety of markets, languages, use cases, dimensions, and more to train its embedded models. The business has developed strict AI ethics policies and is dedicated to delivering the best technology to customers.

Genesys developed a number of capabilities as LLMs became enterprise-ready, beginning with entity recognition in 2020 and continuing with sentiment extraction, conversational models, intent mining, topic mining, and semantic search. Agent Assist auto-summarization makes use of the most recent models that have been trained with exclusive, curated data in order to help organisations enhance dependability and accuracy. It benefits from years of LLM application that has become increasingly sophisticated.

The most recent of numerous generative AI-based services anticipated for Genesys Cloud CX is auto-summarization for Agent Assist. Additionally, the Genesys Cloud CX platform’s open APIs enable organisations to innovate by utilising other generative AI products that are already on the market to address the particular requirements of their companies. Additionally, Genesys uses generative AI in, which provides sales teams with a platform to automatically create email content for lead generation, pipeline nurturing, and other purposes.

Genesys Agent Assist’s new auto-summarization is advantageous to both users and organisations.

A recent poll of Genesys clients revealed that businesses are enthusiastic about the potential applications of generative AI, with the technology’s top benefits being increased quality (77%), speed (73%) and consistency (67%) of use. The majority of contact centre employees spend up to three minutes summarising, composing, and editing notes from each client discussion, according to survey respondents, with no standard format. With Genesys Cloud CX’s auto-summarization features for Genesys Agent Assist, summarization can now be done almost instantly.

Employees may quickly facilitate customer engagement and publish follow-up actions with the support of Genesys’ improved knowledge and automation capabilities of Agent Assist with auto-summarization, freeing up important time to help other customers or decompress in between jobs. Before adding the summary to the customer interaction record, personnel can evaluate and approve the information to maintain quality.

Organisations may better capture and maintain critical post-interaction data by using Genesys Speech and Text Analytics, which enables more consistent and contextual conversation reporting. Improved customer service, historical tracking, operational efficiency, and compliance adherence are all advantages for organisations.

Agent Assist auto-summarization is now possible with the Genesys Cloud AI Experience service. Customers of Genesys Cloud CX can also test the product out for 30 days through the Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace.

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