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No-Code Process Automation Leader Pipefy Announces New AI Capabilities


Process Automation for Business Users is Transformed

The pioneer in no-code process automation, Pipefy, has announced the impending release of Pipefy AI, a groundbreaking innovation that merges artificial intelligence with Pipefy’s platform for no-code process management and automation. By providing essential data insights and speeding up the creation of processes, Pipefy AI improves process management efforts. Better decision-making and increased operational effectiveness are the end results for the entire organisation.

To improve data analysis and assist teams in modelling and optimising any kind of process, Pipefy AI makes use of the capabilities of OpenAI and GPT-4.

“By combining artificial intelligence with Pipefy’s process management platform, we are taking no-code to the next level and enabling users to access new data analysis and process efficiency features”, “In a matter of seconds, Pipefy AI can help business leaders and their teams detect trends, uncover root causes, and automate their processes, easier and faster than ever before.”

Alessio Alionço, CEO of Pipefy

Users will be able to ask any inquiry regarding their present procedures or data sets and get a quick response with Pipefy AI. In addition to assisting customers with data analysis, Pipefy AI also facilitates the completion of a variety of previously manual operations.

Another key feature of Pipefy AI is its capacity to build unique processes in accordance with the specifications and guidelines provided by the requester. Its objective is to create for each user the most effective iteration of their process. Users only need to provide the process or workflow they require, the types of data they wish to collect, and any other features they would like the AI to have; Pipefy AI takes care of the rest.

“Pipefy AI demonstrates the evolution of the Pipefy platform to keep pace with changing business needs and advances in technology”,  “Pipefy AI fulfills the promise of no-code, which is to make it easier for everyone in the business to work smarter and faster, and make better decisions every day. It’s about providing process optimization capabilities for everyone, so that businesses can achieve process efficiency everywhere.”

Alessio Alionço, CEO of Pipefy

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