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Salesforce Announces AI Cloud – Bringing Trusted Generative AI to the Enterprise

AI Cloud
  • By combining AI, data, analytics, and automation to create trustworthy, open, real-time generative AI that is enterprise ready, AI Cloud is developed for CRM, enhancing customer experiences and boosting business efficiency.
  • The brand-new Einstein GPT Trust Layer, part of the AI Cloud, establishes a new benchmark for trusted enterprise AI by combining the advantages of generative AI with data privacy and security.
  • The AI Cloud is also made open and expandable by the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, maximising the best model for each task while giving customers options.
  • Customers that use brands like Gucci, Inspirato, RBC US Wealth Management, AAA – The Auto Club Group, and others are seeing the value of Salesforce’s new AI-powered capabilities.

Salesforce unveiled AI Cloud, the quickest and most reliable solution for Salesforce clients to boost their business productivity and customer experiences with generative AI for the enterprise. All applications and workflows can benefit from the trusted, open, and real-time generative experiences provided by the AI Cloud. By helping clients to satisfy their organisational data security and compliance requirements while providing customers with the advantages of generative AI, AI Cloud’s new Einstein GPT Trust Layer allayes worries about risks connected with using generative AI. Salesforce’s position as the top AI CRM is firmly established by this distinctive fusion of capabilities and security.

Einstein, the first AI for CRM in the world, is the brains behind AI Cloud and currently powers more than 1 trillion predictions each week across all of Salesforce’s products. With the use of generative AI, Einstein makes every business and worker more effective and productive in the areas of sales, service, marketing, and commerce.

Sales representatives will be able to swiftly create personalised emails catered to their customers’ needs using AI Cloud, and service teams will be able to create personalised chat responses and case summaries for agents. In order to engage consumers and prospects across email, mobile, online, and advertising, marketers can automatically develop personalised content. To create personalised commerce experiences at each stage of the buyer’s journey, commerce teams can automatically generate insights and recommendations. Additionally, programmers can generate code automatically, anticipate probable errors, and offer solutions.

Why trustworthy generative AI is important in the business: Company leaders want to adopt generative AI, but they are scared of the dangers because of concerns about bias, privacy, toxicity, and data governance. These issues are eroding trust. A recent Salesforce study found that over 60% of those who aim to use the technology don’t know how to keep data secure, and 73% of employees think generative AI creates additional security issues.

With the new Einstein GPT Trust Layer, AI Cloud will aid in bridging that trust gap. Sensitive client data won’t be retained by large-language models (LLMs) thanks to the Einstein GPT Trust Layer. Customers will be able to maintain data governance rules while utilising the enormous potential of generative AI thanks to the separation of sensitive data from the LLM. A new industry standard for secure generative AI for the enterprise is established by the Einstein GPT Trust Layer.

“AI is reshaping our world and transforming business in ways we never imagined, and every company needs to become AI-first”, “AI Cloud, built on the #1 CRM, is the fastest and easiest way for our customers to unleash the incredible power of AI, with trust at the center driven by our new Einstein GPT Trust Layer. AI Cloud will unlock incredible innovation, productivity, and efficiency for every company.”

Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce

Continue reading: The future of dependable business generative AI is delivered by AI Cloud.

Salesforce technologies like Einstein, Data Cloud, Tableau, Flow, and MuleSoft will be integrated into AI Cloud to deliver dependable, open-source generative AI that is prepared for the enterprise.

Open and Trusted: By choosing the best model for the task at hand, the Einstein GPT Trust Layer will make it possible for businesses to use trusted generative AI more quickly. While assisting businesses in maintaining their goals for data privacy, security, residency, and compliance, it will also give deployment capabilities for any pertinent LLM.

  • Utilisation of Third-Party LLMs: As part of Salesforce’s dedication to an open ecosystem, AI Cloud is built to host LLMs from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Anthropic, Cohere, and other providers – completely inside of Salesforce’s infrastructure. The Salesforce infrastructure will be kept up to date with client prompts and replies thanks to AI Cloud. Additionally, to assist maintain data in Salesforce, Salesforce and OpenAI have formed a shared trust agreement to enable joint content moderation using OpenAI’s top Enterprise API and best-in-class safety capabilities in conjunction with the Einstein GPT Trust Layer.
  • Utilisation of Salesforce LLM: The AI Cloud will give users access to Salesforce LLMs created by Salesforce AI Research to power cutting-edge features like code generation and aid with business process automation, dramatically changing how companies interact with their CRM software. Salesforce’s LLMs, such as CodeGen, CodeT5+, and CodeTF, assist businesses in boosting productivity, closing the skill gap, lowering installation costs, and improving incident detection.
  • Bring Your Own Model (BYOM): Customers who have trained their own domain-specific models independently of Salesforce will profit from AI Cloud while keeping data on their own infrastructure if they “Bring Your Own Model” (BYOM). These models will link directly to AI Cloud using the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, whether they are used with Google’s Vertex AI or Amazon SageMaker. In this case, consumer data can stay within the bounds of their trust.
  • Business Ready: By 2030, AI will propel a $15 trillion global economic expansion and increase GDP by 26%. Salesforce will be fully utilised by AI Cloud, increasing productivity and efficiency for both businesses and people.
  • Generative AI in every Salesforce application: With Sales GPT, Service GPT, Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Flow GPT, and Apex GPT, Salesforce is delivering dependable generative AI to every product. Learn more about the generative AI-powered applications from Salesforce that are open, trustworthy, and business-ready here.
  • Builders and prompt template: The prompts used to generate AI content have a direct impact on the calibre and applicability of the information produced. Salesforce is creating enhanced AI prompts that are grounded in the particular context of each organisation by using harmonised data. With the help of these context-rich cues, sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams will be able to quickly reap the benefits of trustworthy generative AI while saving time and money and avoiding hallucinations.
The customer perspective:

“Our goal is to deliver more personalized member engagement, make our processes more efficient and cost-effective, and drive innovation across our team within a safe and trusted environment”, “We’re accelerating our digital transformation with Salesforce, and AI Cloud will help us implement AI across our entire business, including devops, support, sales, and underwriting.”

Shohreh Abedi, EVP, Chief Operations Technology Officer, and Member Experience at AAA – The Auto Club Group

“Embedding AI into our CRM has delivered huge operational efficiencies for our advisors and clients”, “We believe that this technology has the potential to transform the way businesses interact with their customers, deliver personalized experiences, and drive customer loyalty. We are excited to explore this opportunity with Salesforce and drive the next generation of personalized customer experiences.”

Greg Beltzer, Head of Tech for RBC US Wealth Management

Cost and accessibility

The AI Cloud Starter pack, which includes the essential building blocks Data Cloud, MuleSoft automation, Einstein, Tableau Analytics, Slack, CRM, and a free AI-readiness assessment from Salesforce Professional Services, is available for $360,000 annually for businesses looking to quickly boost revenue and productivity.

Here are specific information on feature availability:
  • In June 2023, the Einstein GPT Trust Layer will be generally accessible.
  • Currently in pilot, Service GPT will become generally accessible in June 2023.
  • Currently under pilot, Sales GPT will become generally accessible in July 2023.
  • From June 2023 to February 2024, the Marketing GPT will be offered on a trial basis.
  • Currently under pilot, Commerce GPT will become generally accessible in July 2023.
  • In June 2023, Apex GPT will begin testing.
  • In October 2023, Flow GPT will enter a pilot phase.
  • Currently in testing, Slack GPT will become freely accessible later this year.
  • In November 2023, Tableau GPT will begin a test program.

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