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SANS Institute to Host Webcast Discussing Security Vulnerabilities of Advanced AI (OpenAI & ChatGPT) and the Potential Impact on Society


On December 21, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. ET, SANS Institute will present a live webcast event to examine the security implications of advanced AI and the new OpenAI ChatGPT bot. Even the most sophisticated AI systems are susceptible to cybersecurity risk, as demonstrated by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, which is a potent artificial intelligence system that has been trained on enormous amounts of data to produce written prose with incredible accuracy and context.

“AI tools like the new GPT ChatBot look like they have the potential to revolutionize cybersecurity, but the truth is that these advances also come with risks in the form of bias, misinformation, privacy concerns, automated attacks, and even malicious use”, “This webcast event will help you separate hype from reality and discover the real impact of advanced AI solutions.”

David Hoelzer, a SANS fellow, SANS Technical Institute

Experts in the field will give Lightning Talks throughout the virtual livestream, and leading business figures will participate in a Panel Discussion. The threats to security that could arise from using the ChatGPT bot for jobs like customer service, chatbots, and process automation will be the main focus of the article, along with the precautions that should be taken to solve any potential problems.

“It is vital to understand how this technology affects our security and privacy”, “Join us for a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the OpenAI ChatGPT bot and its potential implications for security.”

Rob Lee, Chief Curriculum Director and Faculty Lead at SANS Institute

When asked to comment on the situation, the ChatGPT bot responded as follows: “Join us for a fascinating discussion about ChatGPT and OpenAI’s advancements in conversational AI and natural language processing. Don’t pass up this chance to hear from professionals and examine the potential of these innovative technology.”

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