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ServiceNow and NVIDIA Announce Partnership to Build Generative AI Across Enterprise IT


Built on the ServiceNow Platform with DGX infrastructure, unique big language models, and NVIDIA AI software to deliver intelligent process automation to businesses.

Today, ServiceNow and NVIDIA announced their collaboration to create strong, enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities that can automate workflows more quickly and intelligently to improve business operations.

ServiceNow is creating unique big language models trained on data exclusively for its ServiceNow Platform, the intelligent platform for end-to-end digital transformation, using NVIDIA software, services, and accelerated infrastructure.

In order to deepen workflow automation and significantly boost productivity, this will add new uses for generative AI across the company, including for IT departments, customer support teams, employees, and developers.

By customising NVIDIA® NeMoTM foundation models operating on hybrid-cloud infrastructure made up of NVIDIA DGXTM Cloud and on-premises NVIDIA DGX SuperPODTM AI supercomputers, ServiceNow is also assisting NVIDIA in streamlining its IT processes.

“IT is the nervous system of every modern enterprise in every industry”, “Our collaboration to build super-specialized generative AI for enterprises will boost the capability and productivity of IT professionals worldwide using the ServiceNow platform.”

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO,  NVIDIA

“As adoption of generative AI continues to accelerate, organizations are turning to trusted vendors with battle-tested, secure AI capabilities to boost productivity, gain a competitive edge, and keep data and IP secure”, “Together, NVIDIA and ServiceNow will help drive new levels of automation to fuel productivity and maximize business impact.”

CJ Desai, President and chief operating officer, ServiceNow

Utilising Generative AI to Restructure the Digital Business

By offering high accuracy and greater value in IT, ServiceNow and NVIDIA are investigating a range of generative AI use cases to simplify and boost productivity throughout the company.

This includes creating intelligent virtual assistants and agents that can focus on specific IT activities and use massive language models to quickly address a variety of customer inquiries and support requests.

Enterprises can modify chatbots with proprietary data to build a central generative AI resource that stays on topic while addressing a variety of inquiries, streamlining the customer experience.

These generative AI use cases also apply to customer care representatives, enabling more accurate case prioritisation, time savings, and better results. The usage of generative AI by customer care teams can result in automatic issue resolution, the creation of knowledge base articles based on summaries of client cases, and a speedier hand-off, resolution, and wrap-up.

Additionally, generative AI can enhance the work experience by assisting in the identification of development possibilities. Personalised learning and development recommendations, such as courses and mentors, could be delivered, for instance, based on a user’s profile and natural language inquiries.

Rapid Development is Powered by Full-Stack NVIDIA Generative AI Software and Infrastructure

ServiceNow utilises the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which includes the NVIDIA NeMo framework, and the NVIDIA AI Foundations cloud services in its generative AI research and development.

NeMo contains tools for quick tuning, supervised fine-tuning, and knowledge retrieval that assist programmers in creating, modifying, and deploying language models for business use cases. Additionally included is NeMo Guardrails software, which makes it simple for developers to implement topical, security, and safety aspects for AI chatbots.

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