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springbig Introduces Two Marketing Features and Debuts New Brand Identity


The newly released features of Springbig highlight the significance of targeted marketing strategies.

Today, springbig unveiled its new logo and introduced two marketing elements to its suite of marketing solutions. Springbig is a leading provider of SaaS-based marketing solutions, consumer mobile app experiences, and omnichannel loyalty programs to the cannabis sector.

As a scrappy startup, springbig developed a passion for assisting small companies create deep connections with their clients. After some time, the company has developed into a cutting-edge marketing and loyalty technology business. The springbig Bolt, the company’s new brand identity, exemplifies the brand’s evolution as a leader in SaaS-based marketing solutions built to energise a business’s audience and hypercharge their engagement with high-value customers. The company’s new logo highlights springbig’s growth and reaffirms its commitment to helping businesses cultivate rewarding connections with their customers.

Create Your Own Audience and Compare Campaigns are two marketing tools that springbig has added to its well-known array of offerings. At the nexus of consumer segmentation and data-driven marketing, Build Your Own Audience was developed, expanding the Company’s platform to accommodate the various requirements of dispensary owners across North America. The primary cannabis consumer data platform helps retailers to compile vital information about, and develop crucial KPIs for, a particular audience. With the use of this data, retailers may develop pertinent and targeted marketing campaigns and deliver offers to niche customer groups. By using this one-of-a-kind marketing strategy, forward-thinking dispensaries will improve their marketing strategies and offer tailored campaigns that improve the customer experience.

With the help of Compare Campaigns, merchants may side-by-side analyse and conduct a/b testing on up to four of their prior campaigns. By utilising this tool, retailers will have access to the data required to quickly construct and develop highly targeted campaigns.

“Our latest features elevate the marketing efforts of dispensary owners and eliminate the need for additional customer data platforms”, “These additions to the springbig platform will help our clients create tailor-made marketing campaigns and offers that make customers feel seen and appreciated.”

Jeffrey Harris, CEO, springbig

Two tools that springbig has introduced are the Build Your Own Audience and Compare Campaigns functionalities. Prior to now, the company expanded its portfolio of business solutions by include Member Offers, Campaign Caddie, and Email Marketing Engines. For springbig customers, each instrument produces more sophisticated and specialised marketing efforts. Springbig was included on the list of the 500 fastest-growing companies by Deloitte in 2022 as a result of the Company’s ongoing efforts to improve marketing strategies. The potential of springbig to support cannabis businesses in operating more intelligently and effectively, opening the stage for sustained economic growth, earned it recognition.

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