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The Future Of Workplace Safety: Data Privacy And Ethical AI At The Highest Level

Data privacy

An innovative 3D anonymization technique has been released by Intenseye, a pioneer in AI-powered workplace safety solutions, to ensure workplace safety while maintaining the highest level of employee privacy. Intenseye has already started using facial blurring techniques to shield people’s identities and stop revenge. They became the only safety AI platform that is fully compliant with SOC 2 and GDPR data privacy regulations after obtaining SOC 2 Type I and II certifications to certify their policies and procedures for security, availability, privacy, and confidentiality. With the help of the 3D Anonymization technology, the platform has further demonstrated its dedication to using AI in its management of personal data in a morally and responsibly manner.

anonymous 3D modelling

With this state-of-the-art anonymization technique, Intenseye’s AI makes people absolutely untraceable in work environments without affecting the overall context to identify risky behaviours and situations. Advanced deep learning algorithms are used to accomplish this breakthrough, which initially identifies people. then track each person’s every motion in 3D space until they leave the place. Following that, the algorithms carry out 3D keypoint detection, which captures postures by detecting limbs and joints. The persons are subsequently taken out of the picture using Intenseye’s innovative 3D anonymization technology, which also adds realistic generated movement to the inpainted image to guarantee permanent anonymization.

Anonymization of Timestamps

Intenseye thinks that employee privacy and workplace safety should be given equal weight. The platform has a new function that enables users to remove timestamps from the visual data that the platform’s AI examines in order to support this idea. This function ensures that employee privacy is preserved to the greatest standard by removing all timestamps from CCTV camera footage and listing the footage in a random order. By the time of a safety incident, these changes guarantee that no employee can be identified and that their privacy is completely protected. This way, a culture of safety may be upheld without jeopardising employee anonymity.

Intenseye tracks incidents rather than people.

Contrary to conventional surveillance methods, Intenseye’s solution is intended to track incidents rather than specific people. Intenseye’s software maintains employee privacy and protects their personal information by utilising cutting-edge face-blurring and 3D anonymization algorithms, encouraging a sense of psychological safety and confidence in the workplace.

“Workplace safety is of paramount importance, and we believe that it can be achieved without compromising employee privacy”, “Our innovative software is a testament to this belief, as it allows businesses to effectively monitor and improve safety conditions while respecting the privacy of their workforce.”

Melih Yönet, Head of Legal, Intenseye

The software from Intenseye, which focuses on both physical and psychological safety, is a priceless resource for companies trying to give their employees a safer and more secure working environment. Our system, which tracks incidents rather than people, decreases workplace accidents while simultaneously fostering a culture of trust and respect among employees. This, in turn, promotes psychological safety in the workplace.

The dedication of Intenseye to moral AI

Intenseye is dedicated to pushing the limits of data privacy, worker safety, and moral AI practises. To maintain compliance with key regulatory frameworks, including GDPR, the platform has incorporated responsible AI policies into their product development procedures. By only deploying video surveillance in the legitimate aim of keeping a secure workplace, the organisation complies with GDPR laws. Intenseye is always working to strengthen its privacy procedures and prevent any potential prejudice or unethical usage of its technology. In order to minimise unintentional prejudice and discrimination, the company pledges to continuously evaluate its dataset and technology. Individual privacy is prioritised, and the company never collects any personal data.

The most diversified dataset in the safety AI space, Intenseye processes a dataset of 22 billion photos gathered from 25 countries. The best AI models for workplace safety may be trained using this large dataset, which offers a greater variety of examples for the development of relevant use cases. Intenseye is devoted to offering precise, dependable, secure, and effective workplace safety solutions that prioritise the welfare and privacy of employees. The company’s responsible AI policies are tightly interwoven into the product development processes.

“We are revolutionizing workplace safety while upholding the utmost standards of integrity, data privacy, and ethics in our AI practices. Our innovative approach to reducing injuries and saving lives while maintaining the privacy of individuals will provide immeasurable value to our customers. We will continue to transform the EHS industry with groundbreaking technology while adhering to the highest ethical standards for AI.”

Tarra Gomory, Head of Customer Success, Intenseye

“In response to the worldwide demand for transparent, accountable, and non-exploitative labor practices in AI regulation, we have chosen not to wait for the regulators to define how this should be done. Instead, we have assumed responsibility for designing AI ethically and deploying it responsibly to promote psychological safety in the workplaces. Our cutting-edge 3D Anonymization technique protects individual privacy while alleviating concerns about the “big brother watching us” syndrome. This will raise the bar in our efforts to gain the trust of frontline teams and collectively achieve zero harm.”

Gökhan Yıldız, Business Development Director, Intenseye

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