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Tome Charts Collaborative Future for Generative Storytelling

Generative Storytelling

With the release of its generative storytelling beta in December, Tome, a new AI-powered narrative format that unlocks your finest work, captured the attention of millions of creators. A new set of generative storytelling tools, including text rewriting, length and tone modifications, and customizable generative prompt bars, have been made available by the firm, along with a multimodal vision for artificial intelligence (AI) in Tome.

Creators can create entire narratives, presentations, or outlines using Tome’s generative storytelling feature with only one prompt. These works include intelligent titles, pagination, page layouts, and page content, all of which are supported by GPT-3 and AI-generated pictures. Tome’s widespread acceptance prompted quick innovation and an expanded AI roadmap with the goal of providing everyone with a collaborative AI partner to assist them in doing their finest work.

“From the start, Tome was always meant to be a completely new way to share ideas and help anyone tell a compelling story. We built Tome to be a responsive, intelligent partner, not a static page. We knew that the technology we could tap would keep expanding. And if it benefits storytellers, we want it in Tome. So for us, weaving generative AI into Tome was a no brainer”, “We’re in the early stages of seeing how generative AI can empower storytellers and give more people a voice. We’re making AI in Tome as creator-focused as possible. That means building on powerful, large models, as well as continuing to tailor our own AI to create highly collaborative experiences that fit naturally with the way people work.”

Keith Peiris, Co-founder and CEO, Tome

The AI capabilities of Tome provide users with more influence over the generative narrative process. Creators can now instruct Tome’s AI to revise content while keeping its length, change the text’s length or complexity, and specify the tone of voice that is most appropriate—inspiring, formal, casual, objective, persuading, or lighthearted. Additionally, the updated Tome prompt box now allows creators to select the output type (presentation, tale, or outline) and graphic style (Neo-Impressionist, Pop Art, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Anime, and more).

“We’ve always been obsessed with making it easy for anyone to translate the idea in their mind into a live, interactive story. Now, with AI-powered tools, no one should have to become a prompt bar engineer to successfully generate a story that helps bring their work or ideas to life. Everyone who uses Tome should be able to quickly create a polished artifact, regardless of whether or not it’s AI-assisted.”

Henri Liriani, Co-founder and CPO, Tome

Tome’s format is regarded as the best for using open-source software and training machine learning models. It is based on a tile architecture that makes it simple to evaluate information and add any type of content, including AI-assisted output, to responsive pages. Additionally, anything found online, including Figma prototypes, Airtable spreadsheets, Looker dashboards, YouTube videos, Tweets, and GIFs, may be effortlessly inserted as live, interactive tiles in Tome. Tome is in a unique position to apply machine learning models across several modalities thanks to the combination of its strong technical basis and wide-ranging integrations.

“We want Tome to be a portal from which you can access anything you need to tell a compelling story”, “Our team is laser-focused on three things: building new tiles and integrations for multimodal storytelling, continuing to infuse AI into the creator’s toolset, and making everything refreshingly frictionless.”

Henri Liriani, Co-founder and CPO, Tome

Throughout 2023, additional product releases that increase app and tile integrations and expand the ways you can use AI to produce your best work are anticipated.

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